Directions for My Poetic Voices: Open to Air Reading at LLU

Take the 10 to Anderson/Tippecanoe. Exit and head South on Anderson St. towards the hospital. You’ll pass on the right a Del Taco and Loma Linda Academy. After you cross Academy Way/Van Leuven St, you’ll head up the hill and cross over the railroad tracks. The picture below shows the view as your coming down the railroad overpass. You want to get in the far right lane.

Turn right onto Stewart Street.

Get into the left lane on Stewart as you head under the pedestrian bridge. Get into the far left lane. Turn left onto Campus at the stop sign.

You will drive up to the corner of Campus and University. The Coleman Pavillion is actually up ahead on the left, but your best bet for parking it off University.

Turn right onto University.

You will make a left just past the parking garage.

The entrance is divided. Be sure to get into the right side. There may be spikes on the left.

Drive straight forward until the parking lot has a T. Your going left into the parking garage. There is no fee to park in this garage.

Find parking inside the garage and exit the garage so you are on the sidewalk facing the construction being done on the church on the other side of Campus St. Use the cross walk to get to the other side of Campus.

You should see a bus stop as you are walking up the hill on Campus St.

You can walk through the parking lot just past the bus stop to reach the Coleman Pavilion.

This is what the building looks like from the front.

Inside the from entrance, want to immediately turn left towards the elevators.

Be careful of the poster advertising the event. These posters were inside the entrance on the Friday before the reading. In the hallway on the opposite side of where you want to get the elevator. Who knows where they will be on the day of the reading. They are mobile as you can see.

Next to the elevator is a directory. You are headed to the Faculty Lounge on Level 2. You will be entering the elevator on Level A. Push the 2.

When the doors of the elevator open on Level Two, you will see the Brian and Maureen Bull School of Medicine Lounge straight ahead.

The doors will likely be open. This sign is to the right of the doors.

This sign is to the left of the doors.

The doors of the lounge were closed for an event when I did my reconnaissance, so I didn’t get to see the actual venue. The event is not ticketed so come early to get the best seating.


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