Journaling Idea #1: Return to the Nursery

Use a different nursery rhyme each day you write as a prompt. Write/type out the original as you found in a book or on the web and then try one of the following options or create your own.

Recall your memories connected to the rhyme.

The opening verse of “Old Mother Goose and the Golden Egg”, a poem based on the plot of the popular pantomime first performed in 1806, “Harlequin and Mother Goose, or The Golden Egg”. This appeared in a chapbook published in the 1860s or later, now held in McGill University.

Create an additional verse based on the form and content of the existing stanzas.

Retell the story presented in the rhyme with a modern twist.

Imagine a dialogue with one of the characters from the rhyme.

Write a journal entry as if you were one of the characters in the rhyme.

Place a character from the rhyme you selected in conflict with a character from the rhyme you selected from the day before.

Reflect on the pleasure you experience in reciting the rhyme aloud.

Draw a picture inspired by the rhyme.

Research through the web and make a one-page collection of other writers’ interpretations/responses to that rhyme.

Create a description of the rhyme’s events as if you were being interviewed by a reporter or a police officer.

Write the lyrics to your own song from the perspective of one of the rhyme’s characters.

Create an obituary for one of the rhyme’s characters.


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