Journaling Idea #7: Big Things Come in Small Packages

There’s nothing quite like a mini notebook.

About as big as a note card, the size helps you to focus and write down the essential.

The size also makes them perfect for your pocket, pocketbook, book bag, or nightstand.

If you choose to carry one around, than you will likely make it your collect-all, but you may want to use different ones for different purposes:

  • quotes
  • questions
  • ideas
  • lists
  • dialogue
  • haiku
  • American sentences
  • couplets
  • cinquain
  • resolutions
  • goals
  • whatever you don’t want to forget

I’ve used mini composition books to keep track of plants or birds I’ve encountered while hiking. I keep quotes from what I read in a mini leather book with a clasp.

I gave a small book to my son to write down his questions.

Whether you’re practical or whimsical, a mini journal will serve you well.


2 thoughts on “Journaling Idea #7: Big Things Come in Small Packages

  1. I’m not as organized about this, but I have lots of Mimi notebooks around to jot down ideas I’m afraid f forgetting.

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