Journaling Idea #10: A Gardner’s Journal

Photo by d-olwen-dee

Whether you putter around with pots on your patio or window sill, or you plant an acre or more, you might enjoy keeping a gardener’s journal.

Like any other activity journal, your entries may not necessarily be daily, but will occur as frequently as you choose.

Your entries will likely fall into one or a combination of these types: planning, planting, tending, reaping, and savoring.


  • Mapping your layout, taking into account height and width, compatibility, color, season, etc.
  • Recording your research on the conditions for your region and the weather predictions for the coming year.
  • Listing possible plants, tools, fertilizers, mulches, pots, soil, and decorations you might use.
  • Comparing prices.
  • Numbering the amount you need of the supplies you select.


  • Name the varieties.
  • Note the date.
  • Include the number of plants or seeds.
  • Describe the method and materials you used.


  • Watering
  • Pruning
  • Mulching
  • Preventing and dealing with pests
  • Fertilizing


  • Note the date.
  • Name the varieties.
  • Measure the amount.
  • Record the quality.
  • Plan for use and/or storage.


Don’t forget the sensory side of gardening. Record the sights, smells, touch, and tastes you experience.

Celebrate your buds, blooms, and bounty.

Describe what you do with your produce. Did you make something special? Write down the recipe. Did you share? Note their name and response.

Your Artistic Response

There’s nothing quite like nature to inspire creativity. You might cook, craft, write, paint, sculpt, sing, or compose. Whatever your artistic response, write it down. Include a drawing, photo, or if your keeping a digital journal, a recording.


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