Going Green

I made a few more cards tonight. I tried green ink instead of red. I think I like the red ones the best. I used a printing baren and a wooden spoon yesterday to press the paper on the block, forgetting I had a Speedball Model B press. I found the press much more consistent and less messy.

O, Okra Tree! O, Okra Tree!

A fresh piece of okra and some craft paint can create festive holiday cards.

I cut a piece of fresh okra about a quarter inch from the the stem to reveal the okra’s five holes and make a natural stamp with the stem as a handle.
I cut the tip of the piece of okra to make berries and and Christmas bulbs.
I used red and green craft paint with the okra stamps to decorate white card stock cards that came with A7 envelopes.
The okra’s shape led me to create a wreath for one card.
The sound of the word okra reminded me of the song O Christmas Tree, so I followed the whimsical feel of the sounds and made a card captioned “O, Okra tree! O, Okra Tree.

Vegetable stamping is a great craft for kids and adults.

Colorable Postcards to Spark a Child’s Learning

I was so excited when I discovered this box of 50 colorable postcards. I thought our family could send a different card to my great-niece once a week. What a great way to engage a young mind with nature and the joys of learning and corresponding! Our only disappointment is all fifty cards are not different. There appears to be two of each. I will have to find some other animal postcards to send alternately.

Making Envelopes

I found a fun set of six envelope templates at Michaels this week. I don’t think I have made my own envelopes since I created some from magazine pages when we regularly corresponded as part of our long-distance relationship.

My wife gave me a sheet of scrapbook paper to use tonight. I am going to repurpose some old New Yorker pages over vacation to make some more envelopes.

Which sensory experience brings back your Christmas memories?

For many it’s a fragrance that brings a memory fully to mind. Does the scent of evergreens, peppermint, mulling spices, or mothballs unwrap the holidays of the past for you?

Or is the feel of glitter, velvet, ice, or the deep warmth of a fire that makes you recall?

Which gustatory delight takes you back with its taste? Popcorn balls, chocolate covered cherries, or hot cocoa?

Is it the sound of bells, the shattering of ornaments, the tinkle of a music box, or the hoot of a toy train that harkens you to a certain moment?

Or is it the sight of glistening snow, tinsel strewn trees, or mountains of crumpled wrapping paper?

Whatever the sense, savor the memory and write it down.

Take Time to Inscribe

As a child I discovered this tradition while exploring my grandparents bookshelves. Inside the cover of many of the books, I found written in beautiful cursive one of my grandparent’s names, wishes for a happy birthday or a merry Christmas along with a sentiment of affection, a name or term of relationship, and a date.

David Stone. “Take time to give the gift of an inscription this holiday season.” The Press Enterprise. 4 Dec. 2020.