Printing Postcards for Peace

In preparation for my participation in the World Peace Poets Postcard Project, I am working on making enough postcards to send out one card every day in February. Each postcard will contain an original short poem. I am looking forward to a month of receiving meaningful mail in return.

Block for World Peace Poets Postcard Project

I finished carving the block to make the postcards I will be sending out each day in February as a part of the World Peace Poets Postcard Project.

I will write a short poem about peace each day in February and send it out to one of the other members in my group.

I am looking forward to receiving cards back from other poets across the country.

Making your own postcard is optional.

O, Okra Tree! O, Okra Tree!

A fresh piece of okra and some craft paint can create festive holiday cards.

I cut a piece of fresh okra about a quarter inch from the the stem to reveal the okra’s five holes and make a natural stamp with the stem as a handle.
I cut the tip of the piece of okra to make berries and and Christmas bulbs.
I used red and green craft paint with the okra stamps to decorate white card stock cards that came with A7 envelopes.
The okra’s shape led me to create a wreath for one card.
The sound of the word okra reminded me of the song O Christmas Tree, so I followed the whimsical feel of the sounds and made a card captioned “O, Okra tree! O, Okra Tree.

Vegetable stamping is a great craft for kids and adults.