Early California Poet: Joaquin Miller

The postcard of Joaquin Miller above is postmarked 1910.


Postcard Joy

I received three postcards from the same friend today. She told me that it would take at least three postcards to “see” Joshua Tree National Park and jokingly called me The Postcard King, an honor I think better befitting many others, but one I relish with a smile.

My great-niece received the first of the animal postcards we sent her. Her mother sent this photo to show how she fulfilled my request to color the card. I love her exuberant strokes and bold color selections! I mailed her another card today.

Take Time to Inscribe

As a child I discovered this tradition while exploring my grandparents bookshelves. Inside the cover of many of the books, I found written in beautiful cursive one of my grandparent’s names, wishes for a happy birthday or a merry Christmas along with a sentiment of affection, a name or term of relationship, and a date.

David Stone. “Take time to give the gift of an inscription this holiday season.” The Press Enterprise. 4 Dec. 2020.

Drop Box Satisfaction

I feel a certain pleasure in letting

go of a letter after it has teetered

on the edge of the drop box’s slot

after I’ve nudged it with a flick of my fingers.

I listen for the landing. Is it

a resounding from the bottom of an empty

box? Or the soft shuffle of envelope

sliding on to a haphazard stack of other

sealed envelopes? Either way, my letter

is on its way. My words are written.

I am content to wait for the possibility

of a reply.