Printing Postcards for Peace

In preparation for my participation in the World Peace Poets Postcard Project, I am working on making enough postcards to send out one card every day in February. Each postcard will contain an original short poem. I am looking forward to a month of receiving meaningful mail in return.

Going Green

I made a few more cards tonight. I tried green ink instead of red. I think I like the red ones the best. I used a printing baren and a wooden spoon yesterday to press the paper on the block, forgetting I had a Speedball Model B press. I found the press much more consistent and less messy.

Cursive Wet Proof

Cursive Wet Proof

A proof print of the block designed to accompany my poem “If We Stop Teaching Cursive”

If We Stop Teaching Cursive

If we stop teaching cursive,
how will my children read
the letters I wrote their mother
before she was my wife?

If we stop teaching cursive,
how will their thoughts
flow across the paper
free from the pause of print?

If we stop teaching cursive,
how will they feel the pleasure
of the spiritual loops
that always end up?

If we stop teaching cursive,
their words will not waltz.
They will only march
as straight-backed, broken soldiers.