David Stone

David Stone enjoys cooking, linocut printing, and exploring Southern California nature with his wife and two children. A graduate of Atlantic Union College and La Sierra University, he teaches English at Loma Linda Academy.


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  1. The Column in the paper today’s paper, the press enterprise, I think it’s a good idea to send postcards to those who are restricted to their homes in this times. Personally I do not know of anyone in my circles that have COVID-19. do you have a list of names that we could write to to help them while they’re in quarantine, or trapped in bed for the rest of your life as my father and mother were before they passed on. Just as we package up boxes to our military and send them off and put notes in from school children to help our soldiers have contact here at home so if you have names and addresses, maybe just names in care facilities of the elderly since they’re going to be confined for much longer and this virus is going to be around, I’m sure most everyone would love to receive a postcard even if it was from a stranger. Please advise and I’d be happy to send a dozen or two postcards to someone I don’t even know, just make someone day and it would make me feel good too. Thanks my name is Tom Alexander- my phone number is 951-522-0822 and my email address is –

    • englishstone says:


      I called numerous local nursing facilities in the Inland Empire and did not find and any existing programs; however, I’m sure if you sent a packet of cards to a local retirement community or nursing facility’s activities coordinator and asked them to share your cards with a resident who needed it, I bet they would pass them on.

      If you are open to something in another part of the country, pen pal programs for seniors have become popular along the east coast during the pandemic. An Internet search for “pen pal programs for seniors” will get you several options.

      I am touched by your response to my column and am sure you will be able to make the difference you desire.

      Stay well!
      David Stone

  2. Dear Mr. Stone,

    I read your interesting article on postcards in today’s Press-Enterprise.

    For many years, I’ve sent photo-note cards to friends, and that has continued during this pandemic.

    Friends will respond with a card of some type. It’s a wonderful way to communicate – so much more personal and interesting than email.

    I am sending one to you at Loma Linda Academy.


    Richard Jones

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